Before the Workshop

  • Download and Install R You want to download the base version as if you are installing R for the time. If you already have R on your computer make sure that it is the latest version(3.6.2). If it is not the latest version then please update it.
  • Install RStudio. Free version should suffice.
  • Join RStudio Cloud. If you already have a Google (or a GitHub) account you can log in using either of these accounts directly. You do not need to do anything on RStudio Cloud yet. I just want to make sure you are able to sign in.

Of all these steps RStudio Cloud is the most important. If you run into issues with any of the installations, we can take a look at it during lunch break. We will not be needing them before lunch.

After the Workshop

Instructor Info

Mine Dogucu, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Statistics, University of California

This workshop will be TA’ed by Mary Ryan [@Marym_Ryan](

Source Code

The source code is available here


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