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Date Speaker Affiliation Talk Title Materials
2022-01-05 Christina Suarez UCI Office of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct Academic Integrity at UC Irvine Slides
2022-01-12 Gustavo Ayres de Castro SAP Trailblaizing Industry Cloud for SAP with a focus on ML and Data Science Video
2022-01-19 Caitlin Gilbert, Christine Zhang, and Sam Learner Financial Times Visual & data journalism Slides Video
2022-01-26 Rochelle E Tractenberg Georgetown University Ethical Statistics and Data Science Slides Video
2022-02-02 Angela Fleischman, Norbert Fortin, Soroosh Sorooshian UC Irvine Various research projects from three labs at UCI Video
2022-02-09 Michael Goldman Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at LLNL Video
2022-02-16 Louis Ehwerhemuepha, Tatiana Moreno Children’s Health Orange County Data Science Reserach at CHOC Video
2022-02-23 Brian Martin AbbVie Video
2022-03-02 Mine Dogucu UC Irvine Accessibility Part I: Different Representations of Data Video Slides
2022-03-09 Mine Dogucu UC Irvine Accessibility Part II: Additional Accessibility Topics Slides